Re omegalock.co.uk Customers

  1. Do I have to create a new account on tfs-express.com?
    Yes. You need to create a new account on tfs-express.com to use our service. In terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, we cannot move the customer data from omegalock.co.uk to tfs-express.com.
  2. Is the item still shipped from UK?
    Yes. All of the items are shipped from our UK warehouse and delivered by Transbridge (UK) Ltd.
  3. Is the shipping cost still calculated from UK to my delivery address?
  4. What happen to my existing pre-orders made on omegalock.co.uk?
    All of your existing pre-orders made on omegalock.co.uk will still be managed by Transbridge (UK) Ltd. When the items are in stock, they will be shipped by Transbridge (UK) Ltd.
  5. What happen to my existing deposit pre-orders made on omegalock.co.uk?
    You will be asked to pay off the balance on tfs-express.com. Please attach your omegalock.co.uk order number when you pay off the balance.

  6. Are existing offers on omegalock.co.uk still valid?
    Yes. Please attach your order number made on omegalock.co.uk to claim the offer.
  7. Are previous loyalty programs on omegalock.co.uk still valid?
    Yes. Any of loyalty programs on omegalock.co.uk will be carried on tfs-express.com. All of your purchase on omegalock.co.uk will be credit on tfs-express.com.